ChickenElder (4)




Chicken Elder of Dino Mountain.


Dino Mountain Mission 1

Ura-Ura is the Chicken Elder of Dino Mountain. After you defeat the Crow boss Topo he will give you information on the Giant Egg.


After saving him from being trapped in a golden egg, Ura-Ura emits a loud crow which brings back sunlight to Dino Mountain. He thanks Billy and rewards him with an Emblem of Courage.

After you defeat Topo, Ura-Ura informs you that the other chicken elders are still trapped in golden eggs, and pleads for you to save them in order to bring back morning over the world.


Elder Ura-Ura is a large brown chicken with short brown tailfeathers. He has a large, red comb atop his head, a yellow beak, and yellow feet tipped with white claws. On his face grows a long white beard.

He wears a frayed red caveman's tunic tied together with a brown rope. He also wears a red scarf tied around his neck. He differs from the other Chicken Elders in that he has a distinctly portly bodyshape.