Crow boss of Circus Park.


Circus Park Mission 2

Saltim is the crow boss of Circus Park. It is the fifth boss Billy fights in his quest to save Morning Land.


When Dark Raven came to the Chicken world, shrouding everything in darkness, Saltim took residence in Circus Park. It terrorized the local Chickens and ensured that Chicken Elder Allani stayed imprisoned in a golden egg. It hid away in the Fun House, laying dangerous traps to defend itself from any intruders.


Despite being a minion of the Crows, Saltim has a simian appearance. It has clown face paint, with red markings around the eyes, an orange sweater, and a brown belt fastened around its waist. It wears a red spiked collar, gold bracelets on its wrists and ankles, and a striped jester's hat. It has maroon and tan fur, and a long striped tail that is tipped with a spade. Its small black wings giveaway that, despite appearances, it is a crow through and through.


Its battle starts out with it leaping atop a mirror, taunting Billy, and then backflipping into the mirror, becoming a reflection. Billy can smash the mirror it appears on with his egg, causing Saltim to burst from the glass shards and begin tossing explosive coloured balls.

It then summons a giant mirror and leaps atop it. It attacks Billy with a vortex of wind attempting to suck him into the mirror. Billy must dodge these attacks, else he will be turned into a reflection and then pummeled by Saltim. After its attacking period, it falls from its mirror onto its back, exposing it and leaving it vulnerable for a short amount for time for Billy to attack. As its health goes down, its period of vulnerability gets smaller.