Moles is the Crow Boss that overlooks Blizzard Castle.


When Dark Raven came to the chicken world, shrouding everything in darkness, Moles took residence in Blizzard Castle, terrorizing the local chicken. He sets up a blizzard machine in the tower, making it snow forever and causing the residents to suffer from the cold.


Despite being a crow and his name being Moles, he very closely resembles a teal walrus. He has large tusks two small crow wings. He has a gold necklace with a purple pendant in it, and spikes red collar. He wears a top made out of metal plates and leather.


When Moles jumps in the arena, it's advisable you get an egg as soon as possible, as his first move is to charge towards you. With a well timed dash this is not too hard to dodge. He will run into the wall of the arena and fall onto his back, leaving him vulnerable for egg attacks. After a short time he will jump back onto his stomach and will be invulnerable to further attacks. He will charge again, this time encased in ice. As he slides around the arena, small bits of ice will fall off and hurt if hit by them, but once they hit they floor they contain fruit. It's very hard to predict where he's gonna go, so dash around as much as you can. There's a good chance you will get hit, but it's easy to recover from it. After bouncing around for a short time, he will once again bump into a wall and fall on his back. He will alternate between the easy to dodge charge and the harder to avoid ice-encased dodge.