Camel / Ostrich


Glides through the air.




Blizzard Castle Mission 5

Datch is an animal companion Billy can hatch from eggs. Its green is green with a pink and white stripe pattern. It can use an attack in which it lunges forward, surrounding itself with water.

Datch is one of the three animal companions that Billy can mount and ride around. While riding on this animal, Billy will not take damage, and instead the companion will be hurt. After taking enough damage, the animal will disappear in a puff of smoke, dismounting Billy from its back. When dismounted normally, it will not follow Billy and instead stay put wherever it was last left.


Datch looks like a mix between a camel and an ostrich. It is dark purple with a tan neck and legs. It wears a red handkerchief around its neck and a purple carpet on its back that Billy sits on like a saddle.


Datch attacks only when controlled by Billy. It can jump high and moves very quickly, able to glide through the air much like the Booster. When attacking, it stands still and spits from its mouth damaging any monster it hits. When its attack is charged, it releases a more powerful spit.


Datch can be found in Blizzard Castle Mission 5. You'll find the egg in front of a wall of crates. Its egg is also found in many other levels, helping Billy to complete objectives and earn Emblems of Courage.