Dark Raven

Dark Raven in his normal form.

Dark Raven is the King of the Crows, and the main antagonist in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He plans to plunge Morning Land into eternal night, and then rule over it. Dark Raven is the only boss in the game to have two phases. First, his normal form and his final form, similar to many final bosses in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

In the first fight, he sends out dark puddles which the player must clear out at least one of them. When done, Dark Raven's shield deactivates, and he is stunned leaving him open for attack. The other attack he would do is sending out homing missiles. The player must redirect them to hit Dark Raven, causing his shield to deactivate.

Perfect Dark Raven

Dark Raven's ultimate form, during the second phase of the boss fight.

Once he is defeated, he then hatches the Giant Egg to transform into his second form. He attacks Billy, destroying his suit and leaving him defenseless. After dodging Dark Raven's attacks for a while, Menie-Funie encourages Billy to show true courage, and then gives him the suit back. Only, it is much more powerful due to being fueled by the power of courage. This is shown by Billy emitting what looks like flames around him. Dark Raven in this form has three attacks. One of them is trying to run Billy over. The second attack is sending out multiple missiles to the ground. And the last attack is sending out a dark orb, and the player must press the 'B' button when the orb reaches Billy. The ball will turn into an energy ball of pure light, which will stun Dark Raven and his heart will show. That is the weakspot in which the player has to hit with an egg to cause damage. When his health is down to zero, Dark Raven's heart rises up into the air and then explodes.


In his physical form, Dark Raven is a giant humanoid raven made to look like the most dangerous being in the world of Morning Land. His appearance symbolizes that of a emperor dressed for battle by sporting gold highlighted armor and tunic combined with purple robes to look similar to a wizard with matching silver (with gold highlighted) arm bands and a silver collar. The lower half of his robe is red. But instead of wings on his back (like all the other bosses you've faced), he uses his feathers (which are on his arms as well) on his back to show off his size to scare his opponents. The crown on his head is in the shape of a crescent moon, the Crows' emblem. His staff sports the same symbol with wings. 

After his first defeat to Billy Hatcher, the Giant Egg hatches and purple, electric smoke comes out and envellopes Dark Raven. In his second form, Dark Raven's true form is a giant raven demon with purple smoke for feathers with his razor-sharp talons for weapons. Dark electricity also shrouds him, causing damage to Billy if he touches him. 


  • Dark Raven is the tallest bird in Morning Land.
  • Despite being the leader of the crow army, it's possible that Dark Corvo, his right-hand might be stronger than him, because of Corvo's ability to summon dark clones of previous Crow Bosses and even a dozen clones of himself.
  • He is the one responsible for plunging Morning Land into eternal darkness.
  • He and Dark Corvo are the only known sorcerers in the Crow Army.
  • He is the only humanoid animal to come the closest in speaking actual words like a human despite them being grunts and yells when facing Billy.
  • He despises the chickens.