Chick Poacher
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Eggs, Elemental Animals


Billy, Rolly, Bantam, the Chickens, Chicken Elders


Crows, Dark Raven


• Legendary Chicken Suit (Yellow-tinted helmet with a large set of combs behind, blue goggles, cream-coloured sleeveless shirt complete with a red neckerchief,large yellow mittens, yellow shoe pants with a white sole

• Casual Attire (Deep yellow long sleeve shirt with a red tie, yellow shorts, white crew socks, red sneakers)



Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Chick Poacher is one of Billy's friends and a supporting protagonist in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He is the smallest (and possibly the youngest) of Billy's friends. He is found in Dino Mountain Mission 4 following the same fate as Rolly and Bantam, being strapped to a time bomb, but is soon saved by Billy eventually.

Personality Edit

From the Offical Booklet:

"Chick may look small but his spirit is strong, giving him a misplaced air of superiority. He has a tendency to act before thinking, which always makes his friends a little nervous. He wears teal goggles on his head and seems to have the biggest of the chicken combs on his head."


  • He is the only one who wears mittens and goggles making his chicken suit the most unique from the others.
  • His character strongly resembles that of Miles "Tails" Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • He has the biggest Chicken comb on his head.
  • He is the shortest friend of Billy's group (and possibly the youngest).