Captain Glur is the boss of the stage Pirate's Island.


Captain Glur, the boss of Pirates Island


Around the time of Billy's arrival, Glur, along with Era Gecko, Bone Dragon, Moles, Saltum, and Dark Corvo came to the chicken world as per Dark Raven's request. Captain Glur settled on Pirate's Island, claiming it as his domain.

Build and Characteristics

Captain Glur is mainly a big hunk of fat with no legs and both of his hands detached. In the boss Battle, it is also shown that he has the power to completely merge with water and can also turn invisible as well.


As you arrive, he will materialize and laugh at you. His main ace is to shoot blobs of water at you(which can severely damage your egg so you should avoid) and jump out of the water randomly. Hitting him normally is a pretty bad idea as you and your egg could get severely damaged. Mainly all you should do is do the egg shoot a bit close to him to retrieve your egg if it somehow gets stuck. As with all other boss fights, the eggs do not contain anything, so you should not try to hatch them. At the end of the battle the crows that made him will fly away.


Captain Glur appears as the regular boss of Pirate's Island, and makes a second appearance as a shadow against Dark Corvo.