Bantam Scrambled
Bantam Large




Eggs, Elemental Animals


Crows, Dark Raven


Billy, Rolly, Chick,


Legendary Chicken Suit

Orange helmet with red combs, orange and white sleeveless shirt with a red neckerchief, forest fingerless gloves, green pants, brown and green shoes with silver soles

Casual Attire

Zipped up green and brown camo jacket, olive pants, red and white striped wristbands, brown shoes with yellow soles



Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Bantam Scrambled is a character from Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. He is the largest (and likely the eldest) of the four main characters. Bantam is friends with Billy, Rolly, and Chick. He was sent to the Blizzard Castle region of Morning Land but was captured by the crows and got tied to a bomb until he was saved by Billy.


From the Official Instruction Booklet:

"The heavy and powerful friend of Billy, Rolly, and Chick. He wears the largest and most distinctive clothing of the entire human crew. Bantam is a gentle giant and only uses his strength to look after his friends. Despite his rough outward appearance, he adores cuteness but hates injustice."


  • His Chicken suit gives him the appearance of a rooster.
  • His character strongly resembles that of Knuckles the Echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The USA version's manual misspells Bantam's name as "Bamtam". The PAL version spells it correctly.
  • A bantam is a small chicken, yet ironically Bantam is the largest of the four friends.
  • Bantam only uses his strength to protect his friends.
  • His name could be a reference to bantam street from the Jet Set Raido series, which was also made